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New Moon March 24, 2009

April 27, 2009

alicia merlady feasting on her birthday

alicia merlady feasting on her birthday

New Moon March 24, 2009
My oh may how the time flies. I imagine for you all also. I trust that this springing energy is growing itself up and out of your being to bring forth lots of new ideas and places within and without.
My Parents
Whitewolf and I traveled with my folks in January to Florida where we got them settled into their own lives again. My dad is slowly recovering. Hey at 93 he is doing fantastically well. His humor and love of life shines forth with jokes and perseverance to push that walker around to go where he will. My mom was relieved to get back to doing her “thing”. They are both amazing models of active plus seniors. In Florida they are back to bridge, movies and endless doctor appointments.
Snow in California
I returned in January with Whitewolf to Ohshana his land on top of the mountain. There we got snowed in for a week. We were cozy and warm watching the snow get higher and higher..up to 18 inches outside. Glad I had my winter boots and coat there. We got to heat water on the stove and wash up like the pioneers did in a wash tub in the kitchen.
Tongan Buying Spree
Captain James and I went on a buying spree for the Tongan whale biz with buying masks, fins, snorkels, a hydrophone, Bose speakers, and heaps of Costco food. All the things like walnuts, olive oil, tuna, spices, rice noodles and buffalo jerky to stock up for the season there. Intention needed a TLC overhaul after 20 years so she will be ready to take on passengers comfortably.
New Moon CD/Book
The New Moon Journey CD and Women’s New Moon Guide is getting closer and closer to being sent to the printers as well as the revised website. Do hope all that will be up and running by mid April. As a friend said to me when things get 90% done then there is 50% more to do. I imagine that by next new moon I will be able to direct you to the revised website to order your own personal copy to sing along with.
Gathering Sage
In March I joined Grandfather Whitewolf on a sage gathering trip to southern California. We found patches of sage thriving between power lines and housing developments. I would get my new buffalo traveling drum out and sing to the land and the plants as Whitewolf gathered. A new chant was given to me by the land and the hawks flew overhead as we became in tune with the land. I got to meet some of his southern family and felt very welcomed and embraced by them all. As usual when we are together ceremonies sprang into being  as a spontaneous spring equinox and we co created many beautiful, wonderful moments thanking spirit for life and the opportunity to live on this amazing planet. I had a birthday in southern california and enjoyed my favorite-lobster dinner..yummy
I am so grateful to smell the daffodils, the green grass, pick the miner’s lettuce and chickweed here in first in a few years on the west coast.  I have pet oh so many dogs, cats and horses of my friends. Met new folks in the heart and embraced my old ones. As the girl scout round I  learned so long ago says…”make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other’s gold.” To all of you my silver and gold friends happy springing in the joy of your heart.
Blessings,   merlady