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New Moon June 12, 2010

June 16, 2010

New Moon June 12, 2010

Oh Sha Na
Another cycle of the moon passes by. I am on land now with my beloved Whitewolf after celebrating my 60th birthday in Hawaii.(see last new moon)
We are on a ridge 6 miles up a mountain outside of Laytonville, northern California about 4 hours north of San Francisco. Here on the land at Oh Sha Na which means a peaceful place to be, the raven fly, the bears roam, the bobcat hunts and the trees sway to the wind. Life is pioneer days and rustic. It is full of the beauty of life as the fog enters the valleys which we overlook and we seem to be on a huge ship of trees and rock surrounded by the grey and white sea of clouds. At night the expanse of the milky way covers the sky with seeming millions of star The medicinal plants as diakon, motherswort, comfrey, mugwort, white sage, toboacco have a home that Whitewolf has nutured for 6 years.

Questions for Spirit
Here amongst this heart beat of the mother,we set aside 4 days to tune in to each other, the land and the times. We had two questions for spirit and our higher selves to answer: “Why are we together?” and “What’s next?”

After being and praying at the medicine wheel, the grandmothers circle, the sacred fire for the sweat, we were given some glimpses of the journey to make together. The first question was answered by reminding us that together we can create much more in service to ourselves, the world and our community than we can alone. We are also together to assist healing each other as we are twin souls and flames. So many times we look at each other to see the mirror of our lives.

The second question comes in installments…Whitewolf to downsize, let go of some property perhaps even this land he loves so…..learn to sail..(me too)
Teach, travel, heal…a traveling ministry..

Still the goal of a home together somewhere in the world is yet to be revealed. Arcata,N Ca, or Hawaii? Florida? Are possible areas. I look for a place to swim in warm waters….to live on a boat for 6 months of the year..He wants a place to putter on the land…keep his connection with Wilbur hot springs….ah “Can’t Hurry the Goddess”

New Moon Sweat at Medicine Creek
My new friends and family , 3 Crows and Grandmother White Deer at Medicine Creek, their home and sanctuary, invited us to pray and sweat with them on the New Moon. Lovely, balanced harmonious surroundings of cedar, pine trees which encircle a tipee and sweat lodge. I remember the power, strength and purification of sweating in the lodge. The primal feeling of other times..the spirits of the land blessing. guiding, speaking to us all through the fire, rock, earth and water. Watching the red glow of the fire beings as we welcome them thru the rock people into our lodge to assist us in harmonizing and balancing. Allowing myself to open to the land spirit of the native woman in the red shawl who came thru me and danced moonwise around the outside of the lodge with her red shawl and wing feather fan when I sat out the 3rd round.

Water Blessing Ceremony
Grandmother White Deer aka Tonya, swept me up in her enthusiasm for the waters of our planet and whisked me off to a water blessings ceremony .We journeyed on this spontaneous ladies trip to become carriers of a water blessing prayer, we traveled past the sea lions and the redwoods to my former home of Ashland, Oregon. I was so happy to learn that she and Rain(Whitewolf’s sister) started the sisterhood of the planetary Water rites right here in Laytonville. I who have been blessing the waters wherever I have been in the world am so delighted to have found a group of likeminded folks who hold the water in as much reverence as I do. Of course I am now a full fledged member and feel the power of the group whenever I do my own whale water blessings as well as incorporate the other forms of water blessings that have come through various members. Although mostly women, there are a few men.

Swimming on the Land
For now I am swimming on the land. I still feel the warm salt waters surrounding me when I meditate. It is a strange feeling to be on the land breathing air and in the sea energy at the same time.

Big hugs and blessings to you all,
Alicia Merlady