New Moon August 2009

Aloha Beloveds,

Serenity Beaches-Tonga

Merlady and Bella form New

I am in the midst of resorting my life now that the Whale Watching Business is truly in the past.
I am doing healing sessions, eating papayas being a clown nanny. i also am kayaking with the whales which is quite an experience. The most magnificent was the other day when i spotted some blows and kayaked out. There was a mama and baby hanging together in the water. i slipped in quietly and didn’t wait long before the curious baby came by. She was so big circling me eye to eye that her tail was way longer than the kayak i kept between us. Mama came closer to make sure i wasn’t being a bad influence on her baby and the escort swam under me to make sure all was well. Oh my we hung in the water checking each other out for about 15 glorious minutes. Then mama decided to move on. WOW

I had this built and live in it till I leave Serenity Beaches. If I can't live on a boat, this is next best.

S/V Taiko fruit for the journey

snorkling and clowning on S/V Taiko

Back to the USA
I am going back to the USA to take care of my folks in Indiana and Florida for the fall and early winter.
I am also considering marrying Whitewolf who has been such a loyal supporter for the last 5 years. He wrote me a letter saying he couldn’t live without me no mo (is that a song?)and he is willing to spend 6 months a year by/on the sea.
hmmmmmmmm…OK blessings and hugs, alicia merlady

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