New Moon March 15, 2010

New Moon, March 15, 2010
60th Birthday
In the last cycle of the moon I turned into a new decade. I am 60 years young now. It a actually doesn╩╝t feel much different than another day older or
younger. I had a quiet day, March 10, on the island of Pangumotu, off the main island group of Tongatapu in the kingdom of Tonga. I was blessed to snorkel not once but twice in the warm clear
waters watching yellow bug eyed and blue striped trigger fish chasing me, orange clown fish curiously looking at me through their long stringy like sea home, long slender skinny silver trumpetfish change colors from green to silver to black and white in an instant. It was a sunny quiet and humid..a day
to languish and contemplate. a day to give thanks for this gift of life. Whitewolf made me a beautiful rose colored flower flying heart when i came out of the sea. We even celebrated with a small chocolate cake brought in by my dear friend and Tongan sister Melaia.

Late Departure to South Pacific
Yes Whitewolf and I are in Tonga after a 2nd honeymoon in Fiji. We got delayed leaving for the the South Pacific as in LAX waiting 12 hours for the plane out we managed to miss it. It seems that TSA, the USA checkpoint closed earlier than expected and almost all the rest of the passengers knew
to go thru early. Though we were disappointed, we were gifted with an extra 36 hours in LA which we used to sleep and sleep and more sleep.

Fiji 2nd honeymoon
In Fiji, we met my friend John who had arranged for us to stay at the nabua lodge in the northern Yasawa islands off the main island of Fiji. We stayed in our own bure, a small thatched roof simple sandy floored cottage right on the ocean where the sounds of the waves lulled us to sleep at night. We climbed the grassy green hills and sat on rock outcroppings feeling as birds must overlooking the land. We partook in a local kava ceremony at which i joined the band of guitar and uke with my banjo as we sang a song then drank a brown dishwater brew which leaves a numbness in the tongue and a relaxation in the body. And of course many wonderful kayak and snorkeling adventures.

Yasawa Fiji Cave Adventure
The one adventure that stands out was a trip to the cave which we got to by a half hour boat trip. There rising out of the water as we approached was a green and rocky mountain island..impressive just to look at it. We landed and walked up a stairway to the inside of the cave which was full of a salty/fresh water mixture. The cathedral ceiling was impressive to behold. Even more amazing was the second cave that we dove under a stone shelf to reach. Inside here after our eyes adjusted to the dark we were treated to 4 to 5 swimmable water chambers. The light reflecting off the walls and the myriad stone shapes like ancient sea creatures gave a primordial feeling of timelessness to the experience. The best part was the echo acoustics in thechambers. Whitewolf and I stayed in when everyone else left to chant and sing to the elemental spirits whose presence we felt.I played with the echo to create multiple pitches and sounds as we awoke the crickets to sing with us. Truly an experience that could have been any time upon the earth.

Happy Fijians
Our time in Fiji seemed too short and we hope to return here one day to explore more of the Yasawas and
other islands and places of these friendly happy people. Oh yes, i revisted my friend Buma her family and
her tea shop which is thriving near the lodge we stayed.Her yummy homemade banana and coconut cakes with tea or coffee is a delightful way to spend an afternoon esp when the stomach rumbles before dinner. I brought with me pictures I had taken the year before to leave with her and we laughed and hoped to connect again in the coming years.

Whitewolf and I are here now in Tonga until the next new moon.We are at present in a typhoon watch, Thomas, as the rain pours down and the winds rise and fall as the coconuts off the trees. A good day to stay indoors. We hope that you as we are having some great adventures in your life. Until we check in again, may your days be full of joy and your nights of sweet dreams.
Blessings, Alicia Merlady aka Mrs. Wolfe


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