New Moon July 11,2010

New Moon July 11, 2010

Aloha Beloveds,
Another new moon already? Why does it seem like time is speeding up? Am I in control of my universe? Do I Remember who I am?

Summer Solstice
Another wonderful community event at Medicine Creek with 3 Crows and Grandmother White Deer.. I am so glad that there is somewhere here that I can go to for the turnings of the year. When I had Spirit Journey, my farm in Southern Oregon, I sometimes hosted the turnings of the year and of the moon. Thankyou dear friends for holding the light of this sanctuary that we may all nurture and fill our souls,,,drink from the well…
Drink we did with a sweat, feast and ceremony…the turning of the turtle head on the turtle sculpture towards the direction the season echoes– in this case South.

Marriage and Relationship
Oh my, being married is an unfoldment of how to let someone in really close and still keep the balance of self.hmmmm…We go in and out of power struggle. We both want to leave sometimes, yet realize we have manifested our mirror..what I see in Whitewolf that I do not like is really what I see in myself…hmmmm so by leaving each other we would probably repeat the same cycle with someone else…and everybody says we are like 2 peas in a pod… we are doing the work and learning to be more compassionate, centered and loving…to heal the baggage we carry and choose a new way of being together..hmmmmm being each others best friend….persevering…having faith that we can create an amazing life together . We can be each others partner, co-creator, instead of competitor. It is a different mindset..I am seems slowly yet sometimes I truly feel the connectedness to the web of life and great joy and blessing and thankfulness that Whitewolf is in my life.

Country Faire
Whitewolf and I got some construction paper. Cut them into strips. Then on each piece wrote something we wanted to do and share with the other this summer. When we had all the pieces on the floor in front of us we laughed heartedly cause we would need maybe 5 summers to do all the interesting and fun things we wanted to do. So it evolved that we would do 4 gatherings -two from each of us.. The first was country faire which I hadn’t attended for 20 years. We went as elders assisting with the council of elders booth who sponsers the international sundance held in Australia this year that Whitewolf danced with 2 years ago in Hawaii. This is part of the community service section of country faire. We did our combo of mugwort giveaway and Bubbles the Clown Fairy giving out sparkling hearts. We spread joy, gladness and delight.

The Country Faire was magical, enchanted, colorful. Wonderful handmade crafts as whimsical, and burlesque clothing, stained glass, wonderful drums, flutes, harps,
Art like giant lanterns that when you sang to them they changed to reds, blues, greens
Or the giant iron 20 ft, raven guarding her nest of 3 eggs..
The Ritz..oh my that sauna house changed from a nice place into a spectacular temple of Northwest native ameircan inspired wood carvings, murals, totem poles…outdoor fire pit with musicians ala birthday suit playing inspiring music….2 saunas nicely toasty with folks chanting or meditating.… Entertainment at the Faire was Fantastic burlesque, fire dancers, giant puppets, drummers, jugglers,acoustic string musicians, gymnasts, trapeize flyers, ..I laughed and danced and sang and filled up my performance spirit. And the food..oh my tasty everything you could possibly wish for. I went for the rice and chicken and veggies plate..yummmmy

Camping at the Faire was special as we were under the shade of giant oak trees and were so happy to be part of Tanya and Rick’s Camp who have been doing this for those years I wasn’t there. I loved just sitting in camp watching the different age groups wake up, get dressed for the faire, eat, talk,go in, come home, tell story. My favorite group were the young folks in their late teens thru early 20”s. They got up at noon, and got DRESSED for the faire. Loved all the wild ,whimsical, burlesque Goddess Fairy clothes. Got to borrow a red hat that went with my red nose when I was dressing up. Yummy.. I felt at home. Good time by all.

May the light of spirit shine brightly on your path this moon. Blessings and many hugs,

Alicia Merlady


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