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New Moon December 5, 2010

December 5, 2010

New Moon December 5, 2010
Sister Time
Oh my what would I do without my sisters? Mirael and Mary in Mt Shasta remind me to be gentle with myself, to be gentle with be myself..playing, dancing, singing .doing crafts, praying in ceremony, hanging out..and we listen to each others lives, we listen to each others hearts.I realize how important that is to me. At Jini’s house the sisters make bath salts, hang out and eat great the new neighbor’s at spring valley Nancy partying and meeting on the road to give carrots and apples to the horses. As I receive and give, share and care, with the ladies I am finding myself giving and receiving more from myself..becoming calmer, happier, more peaceful..
scientists say when sisters hang out we create seretonin for each other. OK

Giving Thanks
Another season of remembrance to give thanks for every breath, every day,every moment. Wonderful early Thanksgiving at Jinis with lots of laughs, sharings meeting new folks,even our new holistic vet ..and of course yummy delectable foods.. brought my tart cranberry walnut sauce which joined many other sauces of delightful taste bud yumminess.. and the “real day” I committed to another year starting my day with a prayer of thankfulness to remind myself of the glass full and overflowing, yes.

Ever heard of Cavalia? I didn’t until my dear sister Melissa is looking for a buddy to celebrate her birthday with a trip to this amazing horse show in the bay area bounced off of the Cirque de Soleil and at liberty horse interaction..How could I resist?.Melissa provide dressup with masks, shiny sparkling scarves, fancy skirts and velvet capes and hats .the show was my fondest dreams. I saw myself on the, white stallion in magnificent white sparkly medieval costumes riding bareback riding gently …racing while doing daring tricks,spinning in the air in fantisiful costumes on a flywire interacting with gorgeous handsome long haired men aback gorgeous white stallions…enough to make anyone swoon. my mouth was open and my eyes were moist as the many scenes unfolded.. the beginning with a projection on the curtain of the birthing of a horse…the young 6 month foals who open the show amongst statues of horses..the herd of horses at liberty running and prancing around the stage interacting with the lovely diana like horsewoman..Ok i could go on and on..if you want more go check out their web site
my heart is still full with the beauty grace and love of this show..I would recommend it.

Rosie and Little Deer

I so love having the dog energy and spirit in my life. I get outside in nature at least twice a day and get to interact on a daily, hourly, minutely ,way with another species beside homo sapien. Getting myself re outfitted with dog stuff, water dishes, toys, blankets,
crates, treats….I went a little overboard..hmmm well this is dog number 8 and 9.
Trying new dog methods..and they work…healing kennel cough and giardia .. establishing a relationship with the holistic vet.
to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. tests for worms…..seeing dog insurance on the form I fill out…hmmm what, dog insurance?

As the dogs get more comfortable their personalities are emerging. Rosie is a fireball. She is in constant motion unless sleeping. She like to chomp on Little Dear’s leg to get his attention to play with he. Rosie loves to play. Pulling out of the basket her stuffed bunny and monkey and seal is one of her favorite pastimes. Little Deer is the more quiet couch potato type or should i say lap potato type although he loves to run next to the bike. As he eats better his coat is acquiring a beautiful fawn color. The dogs are growing on us both.

May all your days be full of grace, ease and thankfulness.

Blessings, Alicia merlady


New Moon, November 6, 2010

November 11, 2010

New Moon, November 6, 2010
Whitewolf and I got the pail and soap sponges and got the hose to clean out the Catalina 14 sailboat to get her ready to go out on Clear Lake before the rains came. We had fun squirting each other and finally did get the boat clean, Optimistically we set out to put her in the water. As we got to the boat launch on Clear Lake it began to rain and the wind came up onshore to about 20 knots. Even though i have been sailing onboard 40 ft mas o menos sailboats in the Caribbean, exico and the South Pacific, I felt unsure and hesitant to go out that day. Whitewolf wanted to go so in putting up the mast he dropped the cotter pin which held the mast upright. I took that as a definite sign to stay out esp since the winds continued to rise and the rain came down heavier. So we rolled her out and decided to look into taking a sailing class this winter in Florida.

Beautifying Spring Valley
OH my Goddess…I tune to the wisdom, protection and shelter of the grandmother Oak tree under which is the white wolf statue that was given to Whtewolf……she is home to many beings.She holds the land…
She assists me as I unpack a box of treasures and run thru the house and put up a Tibetan temple hanging or the celtic flag with the red dragon on it and Cymbrie, Welsh for Wales. It’s uncanny how much Whtewolf and i mirror each others lives…..we are both unpacking boxes of treasures, kitchen stuff, books we haven’t seen for over 5 years…so maybe i ought to just let it all go…it is tempting to open each box and sort and amaze at all the suff I have collected from all over the world…hmmmm we’ll see what I end up doing with it all…

Handfasting ll
Whitewolf and I ,soaking in the warm waters of Sierra Hot Springs, renewed the second of 3 Handfasting Bondings in the Celtic tradition for a couple. Yummmmmmmm…hmmmmmmmmm
This year has been different than the others before we were married. We did fall into the pitfall no no more dates…and I am happy to say that we have a date nights now. Lots of lessons of how to live with another being who also has wants, needs, desires, …and guess what? sometimes his are different than mine? hmmmm we have butted heads as well as soared to the heights…and everything I believe in between. Thank the Goddess for other sisters who share with me their experience with their mates…Thank you Spirit for sisters who share, care and dare …..

The Dogs-Rosie and Little Deer

Yes, you read that right. Picked them up November 3 on a Wednesday.The dogs….Rosie, a 6 lb. black squiggly, joyful bundle with a white left paw and a painting of white on her chest and cousin of the taco bell chihuahua..what was the cute saying he said? Yet totally a quiet, shy, fearful guy who just wants your lap to sit in. I am excited and “what have i done?”feelings. reading lots of dog books.
even though this is dog number 8 and 9..There are all these new ways of being with dogs by understanding their point of view.. From there creating a balanced environment together where we can enjoy each other’s species.
Ceaszar Millan who encourages you to commit to walking/bicycling, skating with your dog at least 2 hours a day in the AM and PM..then feed your dog..then play train etc…check his website out..i like it also Dr. Pictarin on dog nutrition..making healthy dog powder out of kelp, brewer’s yeast, bone meal, lecithen…worrying that they aren’t eating or drinking much yet..

Inner Life
Being here at Spring Valley, Tierra Buena, is a great opportunity for me to go within and heal those parts of me that take things personally, that erupt into anger, that feel useless and unproductive to society and myself…Wow yeah the Dali Llama sits on my right shoulder with words of encouragement. I do believe we pisces are forever absorbed in who we are or are not…hmmmm Then there are the days when the tree clearly speaks to me, that I have the clarity of what is next, that I feel the spirits of the native ancestors who walk the hills..that i dance around the house singing..and the beauty is Whitewolf he know those places also. It is our strongest link.

Blessings and many hugs, Alicia Merlady

New Moon September 8, 2010

November 9, 2010

New Moon September 8, 2010

Visit My Folks in Indiana
Whitewolf and I flew to Chicago and hopped on a bus to arrive at my folks home in Indiana. My mom turned 93 on the summer solstice and my dad is still 94. They are amazing. With the help of the neighbors, Wes and Arleene, they are able to live by themselves and offer a sterling example of the human spirit and will to live. We had some lovely dinners together and many doctors appointments. Seems when you get to be an ancient elder, a lot of your social time is spent with nurses and doctors. We had an exciting game of gin rummy where Whitewolf took the high points for the game. We had some honest talks and sharings about life and death. My mom reintroduced me to a book about hugs that I had given her in the 80’s. We reinstated giving all kinds of hugs, cheek to cheek, docking, hand hugs, long distance hugs, close hugs and A frame hugs. I am an official hug therapist now so I can share those with you when I hug you.

Beaver Island
Whitewolf wanted to visit the place of his late grandmothers in northern Michigan and visit his extended family who caretake an ancient stone circle on Beaver island way way north in Michigan. My folks were gracious to let us borrow a car and off we went thru the fields of Michigan’s plenty fruit and veggies stands. We stopped at the local stands to bring supplies for our visit to Beaver Island.

We boarded the ferry and I was amazed how BIG lake Michigan is. As we rode across I was reminded of the expanse of the ocean dotted with islands as the same vista unfolded before me there on Lake Michigan. Limping Snow Wolf and his partner White Bird met us and took us meandering thoughout the island culminating with the ancient stone circle that many believe to have been made over 2000 years ago by the star people. As we sat and moved through its weed choked expanse we could feel tingles in our bodies and shivers on our skin. Whitewolf had a powerful and extraordinary experience envolving one of his spirit guides. We experimented and the second time Whitewolf entered the circle he went alone as I went kayaking on the Lake which looks like the ocean and we linked our hearts together. That was amazing as we both did what we loved yet created ceremony on the etheric. This married experience is truly beyond the physical form.

Whitewolf is 69 at Sufi Camp
On September 3 in Pamplin Grove at Sufi Camp in the redwoods near Arcata, CA Whitewolf had his 69th birthday. I revived the birthday fairy and presented him with a silly and ridiculous singing telegram at the opening dinner for the camp. We set up a camp with friends who came from Mt. Shasta, Eureka and Arcata. We splashed in the creek, sat among the giant trees, sang songs, did sufi practices and meditations,played with the kids and had a relaxing and enjoyable time. All nine of us camping together sang a silly version of the chant “I want to thankyou for having the courage to be yourself” adding silly hats and goofy costumes for the Sunday night talent show. It was a fine addition to the other wonderful acts as a rap to Ganessha, the elephant God of the Hindus, or thoughtprovoking poetry or a reading of a Hans Christian Anderson story. Everyone laughed, cried, hooped and hollered and sang till we were droopy with sleep. Memorable times.

I am feeling closer to getting a dog. I haven’t had one for 5 years now and I miss them. I almost got a cute black cocker spaniel in Indiana. I am wanting a small dog who I can fly on Southwest to Florida this winter to be with my folks. I see in my minds eye my dad with a little dog on his lap as he listens to his stories on tape. I have been reading Ceaser Millan’s book, Dennis Hill’s Dog Sense and other folks training and dog nutrition books.
So much has changed since I last got a dog. Pooper scooping, dog parks,
Positive training. The next one is coming closer…I feel him/her.

Peace and Love
Many blessings to you in this cycle of the moon. May peace and love fill your heart and compassion ooze from your being.

Blessings and hugs,
Alicia Merlady

New Moon August 10, 2010

November 9, 2010

New Moon August 10, 2010

Camping on the Oregon Coast
My merlady soul got filled by camping near the ocean and listening to her gentle roar at night. We left Country Faire and drove to Florence where we found an idyllic spot to camp and explore the sand dunes, the beaches and the little lakes which dot this area. By the way if you are 62 or older you can purchase for $10 a lifetime senior pass for all national parks and anything that is federal. This gets you into all national campgrounds half price and all daytime areas free. It can be gotten at any national park visitors info center.
It is well worth the effort to get one.

Our First Boat
Ok so it is not a 40 ft catameran..yet it will go into very shallow places and easy to pack on top of the Emerald Goddess, the dowager suburu. Have you guessed? Yes I found on Craig’s List a 10 ft inflatable kayak. We picked it up in Florence and then had fun putting in on many small lakes. I watched a salamander swimming around the lilies finding food and just being well a salamander. Lying in the boat and watching the trees sway on shore is another favorite activity. Oh yes we also have Whitewolf’s 14 ft. Catalina which we still haven’t cleaned up to take out on Clear Lake. Later this summer we hope?

Good Medicine Gathering
The second gathering on our list for this summer took us to southern Oregon in the applegate valley for a sacred, musicians gathering of about 200 folks at Good medicine. This land home to Windsong and Ohana has been a place for me throughout the years where I go to play, pray and praise. Here I reawakened my musicianship with the new ukulele learning a Moldavian piece. Do you know where Moldavia is? We sweat, shared music, danced and blessed the waters of the land and the world . There was also a sacred fire that was continuously burning for the 3 days of the event. Here Whitewolf and I again shared the mugwort giveaway with the children and I played with the kids as Bubbles the Mugwort Fairy.

Here I remembered the power of the sisterhood by reconnecting with women I haven’t seen for a few years. One women friend particularly reminded me how affirming it is to have a sister I can bare my soul to without judgment. She shared with me her stories of power struggles with her husband which gave me much strength and hope to continue the journey Whitewolf and I have together. I am missing the New moon Circle which membership in inspired the newest CD and book I have created. I’m inspired to somehow have the new moon circle of sisters wherever I am whether I celebrate alone and link to others or invite some sisters over to sing and pray.

Here’s a big hug with my flying heart for each of you hoping that your summer is full of fun, laughter, love and nature.

Alicia Merlady

New Moon October 8, 2010

October 8, 2010

New Moon, October 8, 2010

Moving from Oh Sha Na
Harvest time is upon the mountaintop. Gathering comfrey and mint, tomatoes and squash, potatoes and kale. This is also the harvest of Whitewolf’s time here. The land has been talking to him saying it is time for him to move on. Time for him to teach -to share his knowledge to co create the traveling ministry with me. We envision a 26 ft. trailerable sailboat for now. I still hold the vision of the sea/land community and a share in a 45 ft. catamaran. So we are packing things up and taking them to Whitewolf’s other piece of land near Clearlake Oaks. Here we will regroup, store things and create what is next.

Full Moon/Equinox
Another heartwarming gathering at Medicine Creek with 3 Crows and Grandmother White Deer. Along with the turning of the seasons, we also enacted the water blessing ceremony that White Deer has been given from spirit to share with others. All present were empowered to pass this on.
This ceremony wed the fire and the water. A special one for me as I feel I am the water and Whitewolf is the fire element. We were both present for this ceremony and felt the power and magic of ancient ones reawakening to bless and guide us through a long day of ceremonies.

Tantrum Therapy
Whitewolf and I continue to strive for harmony in our relationship. We have adopted a new therapy that came to us during the influence of the equinox. When we are together and one of us is rising in anger, anxiety or frustration we are choosing to take a time out with tantrum therapy. The one who is frustrated turns away with saying” tantrum” and then proceeds to have one to the max. Yelling and kicking and punching the air we shake and jump until the energy is gone. The sight of one of us acting so out of control usually erupts the other into fits of laughter. The one throwing the tantrum when done also starts to see the great cosmic joke and starts to laugh too. Then we can calmly, and centeredly go back to what we were discussing with more compassion, humor and love. So far it is working and it is good.

Found Doggies
I believe I have found my dogs. Oh my yes that is plural. My search for small dogs brought me to the Milo foundation, a no kill sanctuary outside of Willits, Ca that 89 dogs and 100 cats a horse and 3 goats call home while awaiting forever homes. Some of those animals have too many behavior issues to be adopted so they will stay and live out their livers at the shelter.
The place is run down but the spirit of kindness to animals is healthy and strong. Two little dogs caught my eye, a 3 year old male Chihuahua and a year old Chihuahua/terrier mix. They have lived together in shelters for over a year together and are bonded. I am excited and so is Whitewolf. We hope to have Tierra Buena ready to receive them by the middle of October.

LA Memorial for Cousin Luce
October 2 at 11:30 AM in the Valley in LA gathered those who were touched by the life of Lucille Botte-Castaldi to celebrate her life. About 40 folks came to share stories and luncheon in her memory including her Italian husband and sister and brother in law from Hawaii. I feel particularly close to my first cousin as she died the night before my wedding on Jan 16, 2010. I believe that Lucille is a guardian angel for my marriage to Whitewolf and is assisting us to grow in love, harmony and balance together. I played an Italian tarantella, a lively musical piece on the ukulele, to imagine us dancing with her in the streets of the Italy she loved. We all will miss the bright shining light of joy, encouragement, and beauty that she brought to us all. Lucia, you will live in our hearts forevermore. Thankyou for reminding me to cherish each day of my life.

Channel Island Dolphins
While in La, I had the good fortune to stay with Whitewolf’s massage colleague in Ventura. After looking at a map I realized that the Channel islands were just a mere 12 miles offshore. Whitewolf encouraged me to go see them and so I did. The ferry ride to the closest island, Anacapa was exhilarating. Aah to be on the water again filled my soul. We were blessed to have a pod of over 200 common dolphins intersect our boat. We slowed down for them and I hung over the bow watching about 7 of them riding our bow waves. They would turn their bodies and look at me. I sang to them. They sent me waves of joy. I sang some more. On the way back we met up with a pod of 50 bottlenose dolphins with sealions in groups of 4 or 5 swimming along with them. The island was a rocky thin outcropping with hundreds of cormorants, and sea lions. In older days this was an outpost fishing stop for the Chumash Indians. I was told that the blue, grey and humpback whales also frequent this crossing though we didn’t spot any on this trip.

I do hope that your life is shifting, changing and growing into the life you want. May this cycle of the moon move you closer to your hearts desires.

Alicia Merlady

New Moon July 11,2010

July 11, 2010

New Moon July 11, 2010

Aloha Beloveds,
Another new moon already? Why does it seem like time is speeding up? Am I in control of my universe? Do I Remember who I am?

Summer Solstice
Another wonderful community event at Medicine Creek with 3 Crows and Grandmother White Deer.. I am so glad that there is somewhere here that I can go to for the turnings of the year. When I had Spirit Journey, my farm in Southern Oregon, I sometimes hosted the turnings of the year and of the moon. Thankyou dear friends for holding the light of this sanctuary that we may all nurture and fill our souls,,,drink from the well…
Drink we did with a sweat, feast and ceremony…the turning of the turtle head on the turtle sculpture towards the direction the season echoes– in this case South.

Marriage and Relationship
Oh my, being married is an unfoldment of how to let someone in really close and still keep the balance of self.hmmmm…We go in and out of power struggle. We both want to leave sometimes, yet realize we have manifested our mirror..what I see in Whitewolf that I do not like is really what I see in myself…hmmmm so by leaving each other we would probably repeat the same cycle with someone else…and everybody says we are like 2 peas in a pod… we are doing the work and learning to be more compassionate, centered and loving…to heal the baggage we carry and choose a new way of being together..hmmmmm being each others best friend….persevering…having faith that we can create an amazing life together . We can be each others partner, co-creator, instead of competitor. It is a different mindset..I am seems slowly yet sometimes I truly feel the connectedness to the web of life and great joy and blessing and thankfulness that Whitewolf is in my life.

Country Faire
Whitewolf and I got some construction paper. Cut them into strips. Then on each piece wrote something we wanted to do and share with the other this summer. When we had all the pieces on the floor in front of us we laughed heartedly cause we would need maybe 5 summers to do all the interesting and fun things we wanted to do. So it evolved that we would do 4 gatherings -two from each of us.. The first was country faire which I hadn’t attended for 20 years. We went as elders assisting with the council of elders booth who sponsers the international sundance held in Australia this year that Whitewolf danced with 2 years ago in Hawaii. This is part of the community service section of country faire. We did our combo of mugwort giveaway and Bubbles the Clown Fairy giving out sparkling hearts. We spread joy, gladness and delight.

The Country Faire was magical, enchanted, colorful. Wonderful handmade crafts as whimsical, and burlesque clothing, stained glass, wonderful drums, flutes, harps,
Art like giant lanterns that when you sang to them they changed to reds, blues, greens
Or the giant iron 20 ft, raven guarding her nest of 3 eggs..
The Ritz..oh my that sauna house changed from a nice place into a spectacular temple of Northwest native ameircan inspired wood carvings, murals, totem poles…outdoor fire pit with musicians ala birthday suit playing inspiring music….2 saunas nicely toasty with folks chanting or meditating.… Entertainment at the Faire was Fantastic burlesque, fire dancers, giant puppets, drummers, jugglers,acoustic string musicians, gymnasts, trapeize flyers, ..I laughed and danced and sang and filled up my performance spirit. And the food..oh my tasty everything you could possibly wish for. I went for the rice and chicken and veggies plate..yummmmy

Camping at the Faire was special as we were under the shade of giant oak trees and were so happy to be part of Tanya and Rick’s Camp who have been doing this for those years I wasn’t there. I loved just sitting in camp watching the different age groups wake up, get dressed for the faire, eat, talk,go in, come home, tell story. My favorite group were the young folks in their late teens thru early 20”s. They got up at noon, and got DRESSED for the faire. Loved all the wild ,whimsical, burlesque Goddess Fairy clothes. Got to borrow a red hat that went with my red nose when I was dressing up. Yummy.. I felt at home. Good time by all.

May the light of spirit shine brightly on your path this moon. Blessings and many hugs,

Alicia Merlady

New Moon March 15, 2010

July 4, 2010

New Moon, March 15, 2010
60th Birthday
In the last cycle of the moon I turned into a new decade. I am 60 years young now. It a actually doesnʼt feel much different than another day older or
younger. I had a quiet day, March 10, on the island of Pangumotu, off the main island group of Tongatapu in the kingdom of Tonga. I was blessed to snorkel not once but twice in the warm clear
waters watching yellow bug eyed and blue striped trigger fish chasing me, orange clown fish curiously looking at me through their long stringy like sea home, long slender skinny silver trumpetfish change colors from green to silver to black and white in an instant. It was a sunny quiet and humid..a day
to languish and contemplate. a day to give thanks for this gift of life. Whitewolf made me a beautiful rose colored flower flying heart when i came out of the sea. We even celebrated with a small chocolate cake brought in by my dear friend and Tongan sister Melaia.

Late Departure to South Pacific
Yes Whitewolf and I are in Tonga after a 2nd honeymoon in Fiji. We got delayed leaving for the the South Pacific as in LAX waiting 12 hours for the plane out we managed to miss it. It seems that TSA, the USA checkpoint closed earlier than expected and almost all the rest of the passengers knew
to go thru early. Though we were disappointed, we were gifted with an extra 36 hours in LA which we used to sleep and sleep and more sleep.

Fiji 2nd honeymoon
In Fiji, we met my friend John who had arranged for us to stay at the nabua lodge in the northern Yasawa islands off the main island of Fiji. We stayed in our own bure, a small thatched roof simple sandy floored cottage right on the ocean where the sounds of the waves lulled us to sleep at night. We climbed the grassy green hills and sat on rock outcroppings feeling as birds must overlooking the land. We partook in a local kava ceremony at which i joined the band of guitar and uke with my banjo as we sang a song then drank a brown dishwater brew which leaves a numbness in the tongue and a relaxation in the body. And of course many wonderful kayak and snorkeling adventures.

Yasawa Fiji Cave Adventure
The one adventure that stands out was a trip to the cave which we got to by a half hour boat trip. There rising out of the water as we approached was a green and rocky mountain island..impressive just to look at it. We landed and walked up a stairway to the inside of the cave which was full of a salty/fresh water mixture. The cathedral ceiling was impressive to behold. Even more amazing was the second cave that we dove under a stone shelf to reach. Inside here after our eyes adjusted to the dark we were treated to 4 to 5 swimmable water chambers. The light reflecting off the walls and the myriad stone shapes like ancient sea creatures gave a primordial feeling of timelessness to the experience. The best part was the echo acoustics in thechambers. Whitewolf and I stayed in when everyone else left to chant and sing to the elemental spirits whose presence we felt.I played with the echo to create multiple pitches and sounds as we awoke the crickets to sing with us. Truly an experience that could have been any time upon the earth.

Happy Fijians
Our time in Fiji seemed too short and we hope to return here one day to explore more of the Yasawas and
other islands and places of these friendly happy people. Oh yes, i revisted my friend Buma her family and
her tea shop which is thriving near the lodge we stayed.Her yummy homemade banana and coconut cakes with tea or coffee is a delightful way to spend an afternoon esp when the stomach rumbles before dinner. I brought with me pictures I had taken the year before to leave with her and we laughed and hoped to connect again in the coming years.

Whitewolf and I are here now in Tonga until the next new moon.We are at present in a typhoon watch, Thomas, as the rain pours down and the winds rise and fall as the coconuts off the trees. A good day to stay indoors. We hope that you as we are having some great adventures in your life. Until we check in again, may your days be full of joy and your nights of sweet dreams.
Blessings, Alicia Merlady aka Mrs. Wolfe

New Moon January 15, 2010

July 4, 2010

New Moon, January 15, 2010

Wedding of Alicia Merlady and Grandfather Whitewolf

Ok so this sacred union occurred on Jan 17…hey we are in the influence of this new moon so I had to include it here. What a fantastic, lovely, beautiful ecstatic time was had by all. We were so blessed to have a clearing lovely sunny warm 70 degree gentle wind day at Sacred lands in St. Petersburg, Florida where we had the ceremony on the intercostal waterway…a place that signified the union of the land and the sea.
Whitewolf and I after 5 years of hanging out decided to deepen our relationship and unite the sea and the land in ourselves. My parents who are 94 and 92 reside in Florida during the winter so we had the ceremony there to have the honor of their presence at the ceremony.

Before the Day
Whitewolf and I wanted a simple ceremony. We invited about 40 and friends. Even with that in mind there were many details to attend to including flowers, cake, band, food, clothes etc. About one week before the day we looked at each other and knew why folks want to elope. We found the perfect Thai flower shop which imported orchids from Thailand and had the most wonderful store complete with fountains and altars to honor their ancestors.From them we ordered leis, corsages and flowers to make our own table decorations.
The band was a country/bluegrass flavor by 2 older couples. I had seen them preform at Sacred lands coffee house night and enjoyed the positive, happy spirit the group Something Special evoked in the listeners. The cake store we found driving around and seeing a sign off the road. This was family establishment who were happy to cater to our request of a whipped cream frosting , almond top cake and lower chocolate marble cake. Whitewolf, I sent shopping for a hawaiian shirt after viewing the outfit he wanted to wear.

Day Before
Whitewolf and I arrived at Sacred Lands the day before to clean, set up and decorate. We were so blessed to have a team of 4 others assisting us in the task. Whitewolf, being the impeccable warrior announced he was taking Richard and washing down the floor with salt water and then a sage rinse. At the time i couldn’t believe my ears, yet as the sage wash permeated thru the air before using for a rinse I was glad that he had insisted on cleaning the energies. Meanwhile I and the ladies, made table decorations,
set up the linens, wrapped tulle around the head table, set up the room, covered things with colored Mexican blankets, created sitting areas, and generally fung shuied the area. Last but not least we blew up 50 colored balloons to liven up the stage where the band would perform. We sat down around 5 pm admiring our work which had been supervised by Snuggles the black cat and scurried off to our respective evening ceremonies.

Night Before
The two weeks before the date the weather was cold…colder than recorded here where plants were freezing and crops and fish dying from the cold. The night before was the grandmother/father of all thunderstorms with howling winds and great flashes of light and sound. Whitewolf related to us that in Hawaiian mythology the Gods and Goddesses were making love..and a great time they were having too. Our respective
ladies and mens gatherings the evening before the union were especially special to the folks who attended. Whitewolf and Eric one of the custodians of sacred lands as well as our caterer enjoyed watching natures show as they had a pipe ceremony to honor Whitewolf’s passage as a lone wolf.

Women’s Ceremony
I was blessed to have my dear friend Rev. Zenup from Turkey honor me with an adaption of a traditional Turkish women’s night before wedding ceremony. Four other sisters and I gathered to sing and chant blessings into the lovely jewelry that i was to wear the next day. We joyously and with lots of giggling wrapped belly dancing scarves of myriad colors of reds, blues, yellows, pinks, greens and purples around our hips and breasts so that when we swung our bodies a happy jingling sound erupted over the flashes of thunder and lightening. I wore over my head a red translucent long scarf as the women danced and whirled around me to the sounds of middle eastern drumbeats and singing. Afterwards we collapsed in joy on the sofa and picked cards from a Goddess deck asking each one of us present to embody a Goddess at the Wedding. Celtic Brigidt and Isolt, Egyptian Hathor,Greek Aphrodite, and Abundantia came forth.
Of course we feasted on delicious goodies afterward.

Wedding Day-Ceremony
We arrived at 10 the next morning to supervise the last minute details. We had the ceremony itself outside in the beautiful gardens overlooking the intercostal waterway by the dolphin stage and the reception inside the greenhouse that we had decorated the evening before. As Eric predicted by noon the skies cleared and the sun came out to shine blessings upon us. At a quarter to one I was still in jeans as the guests began to arrive. So everyone got to wait for an hour for me to MerGoddess myself up for the ceremony to begin. I do admit I looked the part of the Goddess meeting her God and everyone said it was worth the wait.
The ceremony which Whitewolf and I cocreated with Doris, Eric’s partner and co guardian of Sacred lands was a combination of Native American, Sufi, Christian and Celtic traditions.
There was much humor and laughing as we both did things as tossed a coin to see who would go first in saying our vows.. We had a lovely fairy flower girl and Prince of Bubbles to joyfully announce our entrance. We chose to enter together to greet our guests instead of the ritual giving away of the bride. I sang a song i wrote for Whitewolf and he recited a poem to musical accompaniment that he had written for me.
We passed a mic and a wedding blanket for everyone to bless and then ritually had it tied around us as we had the big kiss and exited to the throwing of rose petals.

Wedding Day- Reception
We invited our guests to join in a circle and sing a song of blessing for the feast of salmon, chicken, salad, vegies, bread, twice baked potatoes that Eric had put together for us. Something Special sang very special fun lively music for us to digest by. My Dad led off the toasts with an eloquent and humorous offering. Richard, the best brother friend sang us a special song. Rev. Zeynup led us all in a few fun line dances which led us to the cake. There we cut the cake and ate every last bit to the delight of all. Bubbles were blown to the dancing of our dance with much laughter and fun. The kids ran through and under the tables to spread the joy of love which surrounded us that day.
At sundown about half the group went to the water to thank Creator for a wonderful day and to send a pulse around the world -something that i do every sundown and that day was even more special. As folks left we heard lots of good hearted cheer echoing in our ears. We cleaned up and then sat by the fire at night to celebrate and congradulate ourselves on a wedding well done.

OK so this month was all about the wedding. That’s it folks. next new moon we move onto the new phase of my life.

Blessings, Alicia merlady

New Moon June 12, 2010

June 16, 2010

New Moon June 12, 2010

Oh Sha Na
Another cycle of the moon passes by. I am on land now with my beloved Whitewolf after celebrating my 60th birthday in Hawaii.(see last new moon)
We are on a ridge 6 miles up a mountain outside of Laytonville, northern California about 4 hours north of San Francisco. Here on the land at Oh Sha Na which means a peaceful place to be, the raven fly, the bears roam, the bobcat hunts and the trees sway to the wind. Life is pioneer days and rustic. It is full of the beauty of life as the fog enters the valleys which we overlook and we seem to be on a huge ship of trees and rock surrounded by the grey and white sea of clouds. At night the expanse of the milky way covers the sky with seeming millions of star The medicinal plants as diakon, motherswort, comfrey, mugwort, white sage, toboacco have a home that Whitewolf has nutured for 6 years.

Questions for Spirit
Here amongst this heart beat of the mother,we set aside 4 days to tune in to each other, the land and the times. We had two questions for spirit and our higher selves to answer: “Why are we together?” and “What’s next?”

After being and praying at the medicine wheel, the grandmothers circle, the sacred fire for the sweat, we were given some glimpses of the journey to make together. The first question was answered by reminding us that together we can create much more in service to ourselves, the world and our community than we can alone. We are also together to assist healing each other as we are twin souls and flames. So many times we look at each other to see the mirror of our lives.

The second question comes in installments…Whitewolf to downsize, let go of some property perhaps even this land he loves so…..learn to sail..(me too)
Teach, travel, heal…a traveling ministry..

Still the goal of a home together somewhere in the world is yet to be revealed. Arcata,N Ca, or Hawaii? Florida? Are possible areas. I look for a place to swim in warm waters….to live on a boat for 6 months of the year..He wants a place to putter on the land…keep his connection with Wilbur hot springs….ah “Can’t Hurry the Goddess”

New Moon Sweat at Medicine Creek
My new friends and family , 3 Crows and Grandmother White Deer at Medicine Creek, their home and sanctuary, invited us to pray and sweat with them on the New Moon. Lovely, balanced harmonious surroundings of cedar, pine trees which encircle a tipee and sweat lodge. I remember the power, strength and purification of sweating in the lodge. The primal feeling of other times..the spirits of the land blessing. guiding, speaking to us all through the fire, rock, earth and water. Watching the red glow of the fire beings as we welcome them thru the rock people into our lodge to assist us in harmonizing and balancing. Allowing myself to open to the land spirit of the native woman in the red shawl who came thru me and danced moonwise around the outside of the lodge with her red shawl and wing feather fan when I sat out the 3rd round.

Water Blessing Ceremony
Grandmother White Deer aka Tonya, swept me up in her enthusiasm for the waters of our planet and whisked me off to a water blessings ceremony .We journeyed on this spontaneous ladies trip to become carriers of a water blessing prayer, we traveled past the sea lions and the redwoods to my former home of Ashland, Oregon. I was so happy to learn that she and Rain(Whitewolf’s sister) started the sisterhood of the planetary Water rites right here in Laytonville. I who have been blessing the waters wherever I have been in the world am so delighted to have found a group of likeminded folks who hold the water in as much reverence as I do. Of course I am now a full fledged member and feel the power of the group whenever I do my own whale water blessings as well as incorporate the other forms of water blessings that have come through various members. Although mostly women, there are a few men.

Swimming on the Land
For now I am swimming on the land. I still feel the warm salt waters surrounding me when I meditate. It is a strange feeling to be on the land breathing air and in the sea energy at the same time.

Big hugs and blessings to you all,
Alicia Merlady