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New Moon May 18, 2010

July 4, 2010

New Moon May 2010

Hawaii turtles and dolphins
I am so blessed to be giving myself a trip to Hawaii to celebrate my 60th birthday. The dolphin and turtle nations have been extraordinary here on big island. I am feasting on adventures at my favorite beaches and swimming holes. The turtle nation had me see them surfing in the waves.
Oh my…When they got turned upside down they just righted themselves and got on with life. a great metaphor for me…the dolphins, oh my I was blessed to have a few over the top swims with them. One I am still processing as a group of 6 dolphins broke off from the main pod of 50 or so and began to circle me. I was projecting to them an image of a gold double sided pyramid which i had seen in a meditation the night before. These 6 dolphins took that image and sent it back to me in many dimensions. They ended by putting the golden pyramids with a red beating heart inside of my heart chakra where it is vibrating and evolving inside of me. What a fabulous
birthday decade present.

Godesses of Hawaii
I am so lucky to be hanging out with a great group of women here. We are doing water blessings by the ocean, dancing wildly in the clubs at night, snorkeling with gusto at the beaches, celebrating the full moon on the beach with ceremony and song and eating heaps of papayas. I actually had the fun of smothering myself with avocado and baking in the hot sun. Then dashing for the ocean to feed the fishes with green bits of avo. My skin felt soooo smooth after that treatment. You might consider trying it…

Pele-volcano inspiration
The volcano is now sending liquid hot lava into the sea. I went to the Hilo side to experience her magic.
I was awe inspired to witness luminescent red glowing lava coming down the cliffs. Pele also spoke to me in the lava tube i sat in. In the past she has encouraged me to be strong and set boundaries and let go of what doesn’t work in my life. now she showed me her sensual, passionate side and is encouraging me to reveal that aspect of myself with Whitewolf. Oh yes he is back in California looking after his life and biz while i am here soaking up nurturing for my water soul. We have had some fabulous etheric moments and Pele is cheering us on. I am excited to return and share this new aspect of the Goddess.

New and Old Friends
Here on the island I am reuniting with folks I have circled with before…doing the dances of universal peace.
checking out communities to inspire whatever is next in my and Whitewolf’s life. We may explore the possibility of living here on the island. I found a sailing club in Kona and so many wonderful places that would be great to have a homebase….AAh it seems everywhere I go would be a great place to be home. hmmmm Met some wonderful folks camping esp another wonderful sister from the netherlands. We shared many fantastic meals and swims. I love the merfolks here and always learn something new about being in the water. This year I learned to swim sideways with the dolphins. Try it…

78th flying heart
My passion is still snorkeling ,giving out sparkly heart stickers and building flying heart art pieces.
Of course the 78th one I built in honor of my 6oth year. I also found the bathtub of my dreams at a friends.

so life is wonderful..blessings and love..alicia merlady


New Moon May 24,2009

June 20, 2009

New Moon May 24, 2009

Greetings from Fiji,

Alicia on the hill overlooking Nabua Lodge, Yasawas, Fiji

Alicia on the hill overlooking Nabua Lodge, Yasawas, Fiji

I am so blessed to be in this warm, green, friendly group of islands. I got to have a much needed rest, rejuvenation time here in the Yasawa islands off one of the main islands of Fiji. Definitely jewels in the pacific. This is a very friendly alternative travelers paradise with crystal clear waters, easy transportation, yummy food and lots of folks from all over the world.

Back in the Water
To my delight a very tiny orange and black fish stayed with me for an hour in front of my mask as I got my first taste of warm Fijian waters with deep purple, lime green, salmon, white and sand colored coral all below me. The reefs are shallow and so great for snorkeling. I am in paradise. Lots of lime green and bright blue chromos fish, the orange clown fish(like Nemo), long silver slithering trumpet fish, fluorescent blue spotted damsel fish greeted my eyes. To my utter fascination I viewed a lion fish for the first time in the water. These fish are shy and solitary. When swimming they look stunning with their long red, grey, and black feathery side fins that look like Lakota eagle bonnets on their sides and tops. Their faces really do look like lions with fullness of gills puffing out around their faces. What a treat. My body feels stronger every day as I swim for 1 to 2 hours.


Kava ceremony, singing and drinking

Kava ceremony, singing and drinking

My banjo was a curious addition to the guitar and uke playing which accompanies the kava ceremony. I was honored to participate in 4 different ceremonies. Kava is a root which is pounded to a fine brown powder then put inside a cotton bag which is rinsed many times with water. A song is sung and then the kava is passed about to all participants. There is a tradition to clap your hands once before drinking with everyone clapping 3 times back to you. Then after drinking you clap your hands three times. No one seems to know how this tradition started. I do know kava is a favored drink in Tonga as well though the clapping number is different. After 6 or 7 cups of a watery brown herby flavored drink served in a coconut shell, I started to feel my eyes droop,my mind mellow and my tongue tingle. The songs were mellow,had beautiful harmonies and very haunting. All were played in the key of D to make thinking about anything unimportant.

Mother’s Day
As in Tonga, the Fijian people are very tuned to their Christian services on Sunday singing beautiful 4 part harmonies. I was honored to attend a Sunday service in the nearby village near Nabua Resort where I was staying where Buma, the local tea shop lady was presiding in her long sleeved purple dress. I went to her home before and borrowed a lime green dress to be perfectly dressed covering my knees and shoulders. Afterward she invited me to a typical Fijian feast to celebrate with her family Mother’s Day. Very unceremoniously we put down a large blue tarp with a strip of pink fabric to act as the table. Then bowels of steaming pork in a yellow sauce,spicy BBQed pork, a coconut spinach like dish were served along with huge amounts of cassava, sweet potato and tapioca. All of this cooked in the outdoor kitchen or in an underground oven. There were the elderly parents as well as the youngest, a toddler were all served a bowel of pork sausage noodle vegie soup .A pink colored cool aid type drink was served also. I added a sung grace to the grace said and we all commenced to feast. Afterwards a bowel of water was passed around to wash your hands as the roots and some of the pork was eaten with your hands. Though I enjoyed the feast I do hunger for the green salads that I love so much.

Fijian feast

Fijian feast

Fijian anniversary
Back from the islands, John and his partner Baba invited me to her parents 54th anniversary Indian style. Fiji is made up of approximately 50% Indians. The whole family turned out to help mom and dad celebrate with chicken and duck curry, rice, dahl and a tasty mint chutney. I got my banjo out and a few percussion instruments to add to the festivities. What a welcoming back to the main island.

Tonga Bound
OK also have a look at the whale sail Tonga in the website. I am off to Tonga soon to join Captain James and focus on the next adventure…guiding folks with the humpbacks. We have lots to do including obtaining that license. Know that these relaxing days will fuel my next surge of activity.

Blessings to you all..may your dreams blossom and grow up strong and healthy….

New Moon April 24, 2009

June 20, 2009

Preparing to Jump
May this new moon find you all springing with joy as the earth brings forth her green treasures. I am preparing to jump off the mainland for a south seas adventure. Yes the south pacific is calling me and I am getting all the last minute things together like batteries, buffalo jerky, good hair conditioner and a traveling computer speaker. seals at my favorite harbor Crescent City, Nothern CA

CD is birthed
I am so delighted to announce the New Moon Journey CD birthed at our new moon gathering with our theme of “success blessings”. We are such a creative bunch and we had a fun empowering and blessing all of our collective projects. By next new moon I will be able to let you know how you can have your very own copy of not only the CD but it’s companion piece, Women’s New Moon Guide as well. I have been pushing myself with all the myriad details to get both of these projects out before I leave the country. Figure I can sleep in Fiji or Tonga.

Northern California Coast
The ocean is calling to me. I had a lovely time talking to the seals and listening to the waves break on the shore. I am so looking forward to snorkeling in the warm waters and looking at all the ocean fishes, coral and seaweeds. I hope you get as much of a chuckle as I did from photographing this costal Goddess on a picnic table in Crescent City, CA.

Ashland new moon Sister Circle April 24, 2009

Ashland new moon Sister Circle April 24, 200 Spending my last days here unpacking and packing..something I do quite a bit of. I am so grateful to all of my friends who encourage and support me in this vagabond life spreading the love and joy through the music and laughter as I go. An especially great hug and thankx to Whitewolf, my twin flame whose support steadies me and gives me the courage to keep exploring my path on the ocean.

Until next new moon….may the springtime spring up with many flowers in your heart…
Blessings merlady

New Moon March 24, 2009

April 27, 2009

alicia merlady feasting on her birthday

alicia merlady feasting on her birthday

New Moon March 24, 2009
My oh may how the time flies. I imagine for you all also. I trust that this springing energy is growing itself up and out of your being to bring forth lots of new ideas and places within and without.
My Parents
Whitewolf and I traveled with my folks in January to Florida where we got them settled into their own lives again. My dad is slowly recovering. Hey at 93 he is doing fantastically well. His humor and love of life shines forth with jokes and perseverance to push that walker around to go where he will. My mom was relieved to get back to doing her “thing”. They are both amazing models of active plus seniors. In Florida they are back to bridge, movies and endless doctor appointments.
Snow in California
I returned in January with Whitewolf to Ohshana his land on top of the mountain. There we got snowed in for a week. We were cozy and warm watching the snow get higher and higher..up to 18 inches outside. Glad I had my winter boots and coat there. We got to heat water on the stove and wash up like the pioneers did in a wash tub in the kitchen.
Tongan Buying Spree
Captain James and I went on a buying spree for the Tongan whale biz with buying masks, fins, snorkels, a hydrophone, Bose speakers, and heaps of Costco food. All the things like walnuts, olive oil, tuna, spices, rice noodles and buffalo jerky to stock up for the season there. Intention needed a TLC overhaul after 20 years so she will be ready to take on passengers comfortably.
New Moon CD/Book
The New Moon Journey CD and Women’s New Moon Guide is getting closer and closer to being sent to the printers as well as the revised website. Do hope all that will be up and running by mid April. As a friend said to me when things get 90% done then there is 50% more to do. I imagine that by next new moon I will be able to direct you to the revised website to order your own personal copy to sing along with.
Gathering Sage
In March I joined Grandfather Whitewolf on a sage gathering trip to southern California. We found patches of sage thriving between power lines and housing developments. I would get my new buffalo traveling drum out and sing to the land and the plants as Whitewolf gathered. A new chant was given to me by the land and the hawks flew overhead as we became in tune with the land. I got to meet some of his southern family and felt very welcomed and embraced by them all. As usual when we are together ceremonies sprang into being  as a spontaneous spring equinox and we co created many beautiful, wonderful moments thanking spirit for life and the opportunity to live on this amazing planet. I had a birthday in southern california and enjoyed my favorite-lobster dinner..yummy
I am so grateful to smell the daffodils, the green grass, pick the miner’s lettuce and chickweed here in first in a few years on the west coast.  I have pet oh so many dogs, cats and horses of my friends. Met new folks in the heart and embraced my old ones. As the girl scout round I  learned so long ago says…”make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other’s gold.” To all of you my silver and gold friends happy springing in the joy of your heart.
Blessings,   merlady