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New Moon October 8, 2010

October 8, 2010

New Moon, October 8, 2010

Moving from Oh Sha Na
Harvest time is upon the mountaintop. Gathering comfrey and mint, tomatoes and squash, potatoes and kale. This is also the harvest of Whitewolf’s time here. The land has been talking to him saying it is time for him to move on. Time for him to teach -to share his knowledge to co create the traveling ministry with me. We envision a 26 ft. trailerable sailboat for now. I still hold the vision of the sea/land community and a share in a 45 ft. catamaran. So we are packing things up and taking them to Whitewolf’s other piece of land near Clearlake Oaks. Here we will regroup, store things and create what is next.

Full Moon/Equinox
Another heartwarming gathering at Medicine Creek with 3 Crows and Grandmother White Deer. Along with the turning of the seasons, we also enacted the water blessing ceremony that White Deer has been given from spirit to share with others. All present were empowered to pass this on.
This ceremony wed the fire and the water. A special one for me as I feel I am the water and Whitewolf is the fire element. We were both present for this ceremony and felt the power and magic of ancient ones reawakening to bless and guide us through a long day of ceremonies.

Tantrum Therapy
Whitewolf and I continue to strive for harmony in our relationship. We have adopted a new therapy that came to us during the influence of the equinox. When we are together and one of us is rising in anger, anxiety or frustration we are choosing to take a time out with tantrum therapy. The one who is frustrated turns away with saying” tantrum” and then proceeds to have one to the max. Yelling and kicking and punching the air we shake and jump until the energy is gone. The sight of one of us acting so out of control usually erupts the other into fits of laughter. The one throwing the tantrum when done also starts to see the great cosmic joke and starts to laugh too. Then we can calmly, and centeredly go back to what we were discussing with more compassion, humor and love. So far it is working and it is good.

Found Doggies
I believe I have found my dogs. Oh my yes that is plural. My search for small dogs brought me to the Milo foundation, a no kill sanctuary outside of Willits, Ca that 89 dogs and 100 cats a horse and 3 goats call home while awaiting forever homes. Some of those animals have too many behavior issues to be adopted so they will stay and live out their livers at the shelter.
The place is run down but the spirit of kindness to animals is healthy and strong. Two little dogs caught my eye, a 3 year old male Chihuahua and a year old Chihuahua/terrier mix. They have lived together in shelters for over a year together and are bonded. I am excited and so is Whitewolf. We hope to have Tierra Buena ready to receive them by the middle of October.

LA Memorial for Cousin Luce
October 2 at 11:30 AM in the Valley in LA gathered those who were touched by the life of Lucille Botte-Castaldi to celebrate her life. About 40 folks came to share stories and luncheon in her memory including her Italian husband and sister and brother in law from Hawaii. I feel particularly close to my first cousin as she died the night before my wedding on Jan 16, 2010. I believe that Lucille is a guardian angel for my marriage to Whitewolf and is assisting us to grow in love, harmony and balance together. I played an Italian tarantella, a lively musical piece on the ukulele, to imagine us dancing with her in the streets of the Italy she loved. We all will miss the bright shining light of joy, encouragement, and beauty that she brought to us all. Lucia, you will live in our hearts forevermore. Thankyou for reminding me to cherish each day of my life.

Channel Island Dolphins
While in La, I had the good fortune to stay with Whitewolf’s massage colleague in Ventura. After looking at a map I realized that the Channel islands were just a mere 12 miles offshore. Whitewolf encouraged me to go see them and so I did. The ferry ride to the closest island, Anacapa was exhilarating. Aah to be on the water again filled my soul. We were blessed to have a pod of over 200 common dolphins intersect our boat. We slowed down for them and I hung over the bow watching about 7 of them riding our bow waves. They would turn their bodies and look at me. I sang to them. They sent me waves of joy. I sang some more. On the way back we met up with a pod of 50 bottlenose dolphins with sealions in groups of 4 or 5 swimming along with them. The island was a rocky thin outcropping with hundreds of cormorants, and sea lions. In older days this was an outpost fishing stop for the Chumash Indians. I was told that the blue, grey and humpback whales also frequent this crossing though we didn’t spot any on this trip.

I do hope that your life is shifting, changing and growing into the life you want. May this cycle of the moon move you closer to your hearts desires.

Alicia Merlady