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New Moon December 5, 2010

December 5, 2010

New Moon December 5, 2010
Sister Time
Oh my what would I do without my sisters? Mirael and Mary in Mt Shasta remind me to be gentle with myself, to be gentle with be myself..playing, dancing, singing .doing crafts, praying in ceremony, hanging out..and we listen to each others lives, we listen to each others hearts.I realize how important that is to me. At Jini’s house the sisters make bath salts, hang out and eat great the new neighbor’s at spring valley Nancy partying and meeting on the road to give carrots and apples to the horses. As I receive and give, share and care, with the ladies I am finding myself giving and receiving more from myself..becoming calmer, happier, more peaceful..
scientists say when sisters hang out we create seretonin for each other. OK

Giving Thanks
Another season of remembrance to give thanks for every breath, every day,every moment. Wonderful early Thanksgiving at Jinis with lots of laughs, sharings meeting new folks,even our new holistic vet ..and of course yummy delectable foods.. brought my tart cranberry walnut sauce which joined many other sauces of delightful taste bud yumminess.. and the “real day” I committed to another year starting my day with a prayer of thankfulness to remind myself of the glass full and overflowing, yes.

Ever heard of Cavalia? I didn’t until my dear sister Melissa is looking for a buddy to celebrate her birthday with a trip to this amazing horse show in the bay area bounced off of the Cirque de Soleil and at liberty horse interaction..How could I resist?.Melissa provide dressup with masks, shiny sparkling scarves, fancy skirts and velvet capes and hats .the show was my fondest dreams. I saw myself on the, white stallion in magnificent white sparkly medieval costumes riding bareback riding gently …racing while doing daring tricks,spinning in the air in fantisiful costumes on a flywire interacting with gorgeous handsome long haired men aback gorgeous white stallions…enough to make anyone swoon. my mouth was open and my eyes were moist as the many scenes unfolded.. the beginning with a projection on the curtain of the birthing of a horse…the young 6 month foals who open the show amongst statues of horses..the herd of horses at liberty running and prancing around the stage interacting with the lovely diana like horsewoman..Ok i could go on and on..if you want more go check out their web site
my heart is still full with the beauty grace and love of this show..I would recommend it.

Rosie and Little Deer

I so love having the dog energy and spirit in my life. I get outside in nature at least twice a day and get to interact on a daily, hourly, minutely ,way with another species beside homo sapien. Getting myself re outfitted with dog stuff, water dishes, toys, blankets,
crates, treats….I went a little overboard..hmmm well this is dog number 8 and 9.
Trying new dog methods..and they work…healing kennel cough and giardia .. establishing a relationship with the holistic vet.
to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. tests for worms…..seeing dog insurance on the form I fill out…hmmm what, dog insurance?

As the dogs get more comfortable their personalities are emerging. Rosie is a fireball. She is in constant motion unless sleeping. She like to chomp on Little Dear’s leg to get his attention to play with he. Rosie loves to play. Pulling out of the basket her stuffed bunny and monkey and seal is one of her favorite pastimes. Little Deer is the more quiet couch potato type or should i say lap potato type although he loves to run next to the bike. As he eats better his coat is acquiring a beautiful fawn color. The dogs are growing on us both.

May all your days be full of grace, ease and thankfulness.

Blessings, Alicia merlady

New Moon, November 6, 2010

November 11, 2010

New Moon, November 6, 2010
Whitewolf and I got the pail and soap sponges and got the hose to clean out the Catalina 14 sailboat to get her ready to go out on Clear Lake before the rains came. We had fun squirting each other and finally did get the boat clean, Optimistically we set out to put her in the water. As we got to the boat launch on Clear Lake it began to rain and the wind came up onshore to about 20 knots. Even though i have been sailing onboard 40 ft mas o menos sailboats in the Caribbean, exico and the South Pacific, I felt unsure and hesitant to go out that day. Whitewolf wanted to go so in putting up the mast he dropped the cotter pin which held the mast upright. I took that as a definite sign to stay out esp since the winds continued to rise and the rain came down heavier. So we rolled her out and decided to look into taking a sailing class this winter in Florida.

Beautifying Spring Valley
OH my Goddess…I tune to the wisdom, protection and shelter of the grandmother Oak tree under which is the white wolf statue that was given to Whtewolf……she is home to many beings.She holds the land…
She assists me as I unpack a box of treasures and run thru the house and put up a Tibetan temple hanging or the celtic flag with the red dragon on it and Cymbrie, Welsh for Wales. It’s uncanny how much Whtewolf and i mirror each others lives…..we are both unpacking boxes of treasures, kitchen stuff, books we haven’t seen for over 5 years…so maybe i ought to just let it all go…it is tempting to open each box and sort and amaze at all the suff I have collected from all over the world…hmmmm we’ll see what I end up doing with it all…

Handfasting ll
Whitewolf and I ,soaking in the warm waters of Sierra Hot Springs, renewed the second of 3 Handfasting Bondings in the Celtic tradition for a couple. Yummmmmmmm…hmmmmmmmmm
This year has been different than the others before we were married. We did fall into the pitfall no no more dates…and I am happy to say that we have a date nights now. Lots of lessons of how to live with another being who also has wants, needs, desires, …and guess what? sometimes his are different than mine? hmmmm we have butted heads as well as soared to the heights…and everything I believe in between. Thank the Goddess for other sisters who share with me their experience with their mates…Thank you Spirit for sisters who share, care and dare …..

The Dogs-Rosie and Little Deer

Yes, you read that right. Picked them up November 3 on a Wednesday.The dogs….Rosie, a 6 lb. black squiggly, joyful bundle with a white left paw and a painting of white on her chest and cousin of the taco bell chihuahua..what was the cute saying he said? Yet totally a quiet, shy, fearful guy who just wants your lap to sit in. I am excited and “what have i done?”feelings. reading lots of dog books.
even though this is dog number 8 and 9..There are all these new ways of being with dogs by understanding their point of view.. From there creating a balanced environment together where we can enjoy each other’s species.
Ceaszar Millan who encourages you to commit to walking/bicycling, skating with your dog at least 2 hours a day in the AM and PM..then feed your dog..then play train etc…check his website out..i like it also Dr. Pictarin on dog nutrition..making healthy dog powder out of kelp, brewer’s yeast, bone meal, lecithen…worrying that they aren’t eating or drinking much yet..

Inner Life
Being here at Spring Valley, Tierra Buena, is a great opportunity for me to go within and heal those parts of me that take things personally, that erupt into anger, that feel useless and unproductive to society and myself…Wow yeah the Dali Llama sits on my right shoulder with words of encouragement. I do believe we pisces are forever absorbed in who we are or are not…hmmmm Then there are the days when the tree clearly speaks to me, that I have the clarity of what is next, that I feel the spirits of the native ancestors who walk the hills..that i dance around the house singing..and the beauty is Whitewolf he know those places also. It is our strongest link.

Blessings and many hugs, Alicia Merlady

New Moon, July 18, 2009

July 22, 2009

New Moon July 18, 2009

Maloaleilei from Tonga,
The whales are spouting and being sighted and seen in the waters in and around the islands of Vava’u. I am waiting to see them myself though I feel them moving in my dreams.
Vava'u Beauty, Tonga
Moonlit Sail
I was blessed to hop aboard the S/V Moonglow from Serenity Beaches in the Ha’apai islands and sail on a full moon evening up to the Vava'u group. Oh My I was in bliss with the rosy glow on the water at sundown on the port and the silvery beauty of the full moon rising on the starboard. The night was a magnificent blanket of stars in a humid warm atmosphere of calm rolling seas.

Tongan Princess Visit

Tongan Family celebrating a weddingA festive feeling floated through the air in aniticipation of the visit of the King’s sister to Vava'u. For a week before, folks put up homemade white and red triangle flags in streamers along the roadways. The police car would go thru with a loudspeaker and ask people to corral their loose pigs of which there are many of all sizes ,varieties running freely in the yards and streets. The day before, folks got out their tapa cloths, white lacy curtains and colored cloth to decorate the hedges and fronts of their homes. Artificial flowers in pinks, reds, whites and blues were put in pots along the sides of the houses as well as shiny silver and blue tinsel.
The Tongan Ladies sing to welcome the Princess
On the day of her arrival, Sola, Inyat and I got dressed up in the local traditional garb. I had a kiki of colored straws hanging off my long skirt. We waved at the Princess as she went by then hopped in the car with some Tongan lady neighbors and joined the parade that went thru all the villages of Vavau celebrating her visit.
Sola and I jumped onto a bright canary yellow flatbed truck full of Tongan singing ladies beating sticks on tin containers of crackers for percussion. Much laughter and happiness radiated everyone’s mood. The villages had a contest for the best decorated. We saw teddy bears perched on sticks, lots of colored red and white balloons, a few over the road signs even a decorated baby cow. As the parade went thru different villages more trucks and cars honking joined the parade. Simple floats mainly women dressed in their finest singing and laughing filled the air. There was even 4 ladies standing up in a truck in red long skirts with Obama t-shirts with leis on.

Sufi Friends

Sola and Inayat Since I have been here in Vavau I have been so blessed to stay with my sufi friends Sola and Inayat who have moved here from the states. They went to New Zealand and got a containers of goodies to settle in here. I am watching their upstairs apartment overlooking the ocean transform with a stove, refrigerator, running water in the sink, painting, the shower going in etc. It is quite an affirmation of what we can all do. They have a wonderful relationship with the Tongan family they leased the land from and are totally guided by spirit to be here. We feel there is some connection between us all. I feel so lucky to be here in their presence.

I am still waiting for the next door to open up for me. This waiting periodAlicia with her water wings is a lesson in patience. In the meantime, we have had some great adventures launching their big dingy type boat, the Nancy 111, in the surrounding small islands. Glorious sunny days of blue skies, crystal azure waters, snorkeling delights and picnics on remote low tide beaches. I spied a new fish-flourescent blue flat like a damsel fish with black markings and a bright canary yellow tail and fins. I followed it around watching it eat and swim amongst the coral beds. We also constructed the 75th flying heart out of huge clam shells and living green vines for the wings on a remote tiny island that Sola and Inyat have eyes to go back and camp on overnight. There are also eight 2 week puppies to play with, yummy.

Alicia at Sola and Inayat's home with Bambi and her puppies

Alicia at Sola and Inayat's home with Bambi and her puppies

Serenity Beaches
I plan to return to Serenity Beaches by the end of the month where a Tongan falleTongan falle is being built for me. Patti and I look forward to putting our creative juices together to offer events, practises and programs to the guests.

Women’s New Moon Guide
The book of new moon ceremony is coming back from the printer and I am so excited. You can go to for how to order the book and companion CD. I know you have been hearing about this for months…aaah can’t Hurry the Goddess..

Big hugs and blessings to each one of you. I do hope that your lives are bringing great blessings and joy to you….