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New Moon August 10, 2010

November 9, 2010

New Moon August 10, 2010

Camping on the Oregon Coast
My merlady soul got filled by camping near the ocean and listening to her gentle roar at night. We left Country Faire and drove to Florence where we found an idyllic spot to camp and explore the sand dunes, the beaches and the little lakes which dot this area. By the way if you are 62 or older you can purchase for $10 a lifetime senior pass for all national parks and anything that is federal. This gets you into all national campgrounds half price and all daytime areas free. It can be gotten at any national park visitors info center.
It is well worth the effort to get one.

Our First Boat
Ok so it is not a 40 ft catameran..yet it will go into very shallow places and easy to pack on top of the Emerald Goddess, the dowager suburu. Have you guessed? Yes I found on Craig’s List a 10 ft inflatable kayak. We picked it up in Florence and then had fun putting in on many small lakes. I watched a salamander swimming around the lilies finding food and just being well a salamander. Lying in the boat and watching the trees sway on shore is another favorite activity. Oh yes we also have Whitewolf’s 14 ft. Catalina which we still haven’t cleaned up to take out on Clear Lake. Later this summer we hope?

Good Medicine Gathering
The second gathering on our list for this summer took us to southern Oregon in the applegate valley for a sacred, musicians gathering of about 200 folks at Good medicine. This land home to Windsong and Ohana has been a place for me throughout the years where I go to play, pray and praise. Here I reawakened my musicianship with the new ukulele learning a Moldavian piece. Do you know where Moldavia is? We sweat, shared music, danced and blessed the waters of the land and the world . There was also a sacred fire that was continuously burning for the 3 days of the event. Here Whitewolf and I again shared the mugwort giveaway with the children and I played with the kids as Bubbles the Mugwort Fairy.

Here I remembered the power of the sisterhood by reconnecting with women I haven’t seen for a few years. One women friend particularly reminded me how affirming it is to have a sister I can bare my soul to without judgment. She shared with me her stories of power struggles with her husband which gave me much strength and hope to continue the journey Whitewolf and I have together. I am missing the New moon Circle which membership in inspired the newest CD and book I have created. I’m inspired to somehow have the new moon circle of sisters wherever I am whether I celebrate alone and link to others or invite some sisters over to sing and pray.

Here’s a big hug with my flying heart for each of you hoping that your summer is full of fun, laughter, love and nature.

Alicia Merlady