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New Moon, January 4, 2011

January 13, 2011

New Moon January 4, 2011

Florida Happy New Decade
May all of our dreams keep continuing to manifest. peace on earth, peace in our hearts, peace in our relationships. Yes i am here in Florida at my folks in St. Pete Beach in the metropolitan area of Tampa.
It is sooo wonderful to be surrounded by water, the amazing sunsets over the water, the ibis, the pelicans,
the sounds of the waves breaking onto the shore. I feel so at home by the sea. My heart is at peace.

Whitewolf and I brought in the new year at a dance in the Gulfport Casino ballroom in Florida, dancing to the sounds of a live band playing tunes form the 30;s up to the 90’s. We met some folks,blew some nosiemakers, dnaced our prayers for the new year and watched spendid fireworks over the Bay to welcome in the new decade.

Christmas in Florida
I came down on Dec 15th to decorate the artificial big leafed tree with lights and small ornaments i have collected for my folks thru the years. We have the wooden train, the Hawaiian lady, the clown doll, the rocking horse, the bear who when you push his paw plays jingle bells, the shiny colored balls and the white lighted angel on top of the tree. I made the family recipe handed down from my Italian departed aunt of clams, scallops and shrimp in garlic and butter sauce for Christmas eve, went to a midnight service where I got to sing O Holy Night, and ate Christmas dinner with my folks atop a spinning restaurant that had majestic views of Bocca Ciega Bay and the Gulf. Truly a blessed warm heartwarming day.

Dad’s 95th Birthday
Oh my yes i have great genes. My dad celebrated his 95th birthday with some family members at a fantastic buffet at the Wine Cellar on the beach. i ate my wat thur the celebration with spicy shrimp, smoked salmon, delicious primavera sauce, steamed brocoli, mashed potatoes with chocolate mouse and apple/strawberry strudel for desert. My stomach is rumbling for an encore. I delighted in decorating the apartment for him on December 28 with balloons, streamers, signs and lots of love.Dad told me with a sparkle in his eye that waking up to this party environment takes him back to being a young boy when his mom, dad and uncle would put up the Christmas tree with all its lights and presents on Christmas Eve so that he would come in on Christmas morning to delightful magic. How sweet is that?

I am so blessed to have both my parents feisty and independent. Their minds are sharp, their wills are strong thought their bodies are breaking down and slowing down considerably more than last year. I come from a line of adventurers and hearty folks from France, Hungary and Italy. I sang the song i wrote for my Dad a decade ago to him as he was washing his breakfast dish in the kitchen as i gently moved energy with my hand up and down his spine. The magic and love we shared when i was a child when he sang me to sleep at night is rekindling and growing. We are healing emotional wounds and enjoying the precious moments we have together. My mom and I are working together to find a caregiver, and the needed stuff like vacuum cleaners. We still spat occasionally yet we are hugging more. We are both hug therapists and do our best to hug each other at least 4 to 8 times a day. Did you know there are different kinds of hugs? hand hugs, stroking hugs, group hugs, and even long distance hugs as well as the full on melting hug. Try it you’ll like it.
My folks adore the little dogs. It is so heartwarming to see my Dad and Rosie Snoodles and Fernando Little Deer( his pet names for them) snoozing together on dad’s chair. My mom loves to stroke Little Deer as she sits in her chair and talk to him as she wanders on her walker about the place. These little beings with great spirits have added much joy and life around this place.

Events Florida
I’ve been to the peace meditations around a fire at Sacred Lands as well as the coffeehouse there reminiscent of my time playing in the 70″s and went to the local “hippie” art and music gathering called the bluberry patch with some of the folks from sacred lands events http:// There are great folks here that i have continued friendships with and so blessed to have folks to play music with, get massages, and laugh with.

May we all continue to grow, laugh, spread the joy of life through our compassion, love and kindness through the year. Blessings, Alicia Merlady