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New Moon September 8, 2010

November 9, 2010

New Moon September 8, 2010

Visit My Folks in Indiana
Whitewolf and I flew to Chicago and hopped on a bus to arrive at my folks home in Indiana. My mom turned 93 on the summer solstice and my dad is still 94. They are amazing. With the help of the neighbors, Wes and Arleene, they are able to live by themselves and offer a sterling example of the human spirit and will to live. We had some lovely dinners together and many doctors appointments. Seems when you get to be an ancient elder, a lot of your social time is spent with nurses and doctors. We had an exciting game of gin rummy where Whitewolf took the high points for the game. We had some honest talks and sharings about life and death. My mom reintroduced me to a book about hugs that I had given her in the 80’s. We reinstated giving all kinds of hugs, cheek to cheek, docking, hand hugs, long distance hugs, close hugs and A frame hugs. I am an official hug therapist now so I can share those with you when I hug you.

Beaver Island
Whitewolf wanted to visit the place of his late grandmothers in northern Michigan and visit his extended family who caretake an ancient stone circle on Beaver island way way north in Michigan. My folks were gracious to let us borrow a car and off we went thru the fields of Michigan’s plenty fruit and veggies stands. We stopped at the local stands to bring supplies for our visit to Beaver Island.

We boarded the ferry and I was amazed how BIG lake Michigan is. As we rode across I was reminded of the expanse of the ocean dotted with islands as the same vista unfolded before me there on Lake Michigan. Limping Snow Wolf and his partner White Bird met us and took us meandering thoughout the island culminating with the ancient stone circle that many believe to have been made over 2000 years ago by the star people. As we sat and moved through its weed choked expanse we could feel tingles in our bodies and shivers on our skin. Whitewolf had a powerful and extraordinary experience envolving one of his spirit guides. We experimented and the second time Whitewolf entered the circle he went alone as I went kayaking on the Lake which looks like the ocean and we linked our hearts together. That was amazing as we both did what we loved yet created ceremony on the etheric. This married experience is truly beyond the physical form.

Whitewolf is 69 at Sufi Camp
On September 3 in Pamplin Grove at Sufi Camp in the redwoods near Arcata, CA Whitewolf had his 69th birthday. I revived the birthday fairy and presented him with a silly and ridiculous singing telegram at the opening dinner for the camp. We set up a camp with friends who came from Mt. Shasta, Eureka and Arcata. We splashed in the creek, sat among the giant trees, sang songs, did sufi practices and meditations,played with the kids and had a relaxing and enjoyable time. All nine of us camping together sang a silly version of the chant “I want to thankyou for having the courage to be yourself” adding silly hats and goofy costumes for the Sunday night talent show. It was a fine addition to the other wonderful acts as a rap to Ganessha, the elephant God of the Hindus, or thoughtprovoking poetry or a reading of a Hans Christian Anderson story. Everyone laughed, cried, hooped and hollered and sang till we were droopy with sleep. Memorable times.

I am feeling closer to getting a dog. I haven’t had one for 5 years now and I miss them. I almost got a cute black cocker spaniel in Indiana. I am wanting a small dog who I can fly on Southwest to Florida this winter to be with my folks. I see in my minds eye my dad with a little dog on his lap as he listens to his stories on tape. I have been reading Ceaser Millan’s book, Dennis Hill’s Dog Sense and other folks training and dog nutrition books.
So much has changed since I last got a dog. Pooper scooping, dog parks,
Positive training. The next one is coming closer…I feel him/her.

Peace and Love
Many blessings to you in this cycle of the moon. May peace and love fill your heart and compassion ooze from your being.

Blessings and hugs,
Alicia Merlady

New Moon, July 18, 2009

July 22, 2009

New Moon July 18, 2009

Maloaleilei from Tonga,
The whales are spouting and being sighted and seen in the waters in and around the islands of Vava’u. I am waiting to see them myself though I feel them moving in my dreams.
Vava'u Beauty, Tonga
Moonlit Sail
I was blessed to hop aboard the S/V Moonglow from Serenity Beaches in the Ha’apai islands and sail on a full moon evening up to the Vava'u group. Oh My I was in bliss with the rosy glow on the water at sundown on the port and the silvery beauty of the full moon rising on the starboard. The night was a magnificent blanket of stars in a humid warm atmosphere of calm rolling seas.

Tongan Princess Visit

Tongan Family celebrating a weddingA festive feeling floated through the air in aniticipation of the visit of the King’s sister to Vava'u. For a week before, folks put up homemade white and red triangle flags in streamers along the roadways. The police car would go thru with a loudspeaker and ask people to corral their loose pigs of which there are many of all sizes ,varieties running freely in the yards and streets. The day before, folks got out their tapa cloths, white lacy curtains and colored cloth to decorate the hedges and fronts of their homes. Artificial flowers in pinks, reds, whites and blues were put in pots along the sides of the houses as well as shiny silver and blue tinsel.
The Tongan Ladies sing to welcome the Princess
On the day of her arrival, Sola, Inyat and I got dressed up in the local traditional garb. I had a kiki of colored straws hanging off my long skirt. We waved at the Princess as she went by then hopped in the car with some Tongan lady neighbors and joined the parade that went thru all the villages of Vavau celebrating her visit.
Sola and I jumped onto a bright canary yellow flatbed truck full of Tongan singing ladies beating sticks on tin containers of crackers for percussion. Much laughter and happiness radiated everyone’s mood. The villages had a contest for the best decorated. We saw teddy bears perched on sticks, lots of colored red and white balloons, a few over the road signs even a decorated baby cow. As the parade went thru different villages more trucks and cars honking joined the parade. Simple floats mainly women dressed in their finest singing and laughing filled the air. There was even 4 ladies standing up in a truck in red long skirts with Obama t-shirts with leis on.

Sufi Friends

Sola and Inayat Since I have been here in Vavau I have been so blessed to stay with my sufi friends Sola and Inayat who have moved here from the states. They went to New Zealand and got a containers of goodies to settle in here. I am watching their upstairs apartment overlooking the ocean transform with a stove, refrigerator, running water in the sink, painting, the shower going in etc. It is quite an affirmation of what we can all do. They have a wonderful relationship with the Tongan family they leased the land from and are totally guided by spirit to be here. We feel there is some connection between us all. I feel so lucky to be here in their presence.

I am still waiting for the next door to open up for me. This waiting periodAlicia with her water wings is a lesson in patience. In the meantime, we have had some great adventures launching their big dingy type boat, the Nancy 111, in the surrounding small islands. Glorious sunny days of blue skies, crystal azure waters, snorkeling delights and picnics on remote low tide beaches. I spied a new fish-flourescent blue flat like a damsel fish with black markings and a bright canary yellow tail and fins. I followed it around watching it eat and swim amongst the coral beds. We also constructed the 75th flying heart out of huge clam shells and living green vines for the wings on a remote tiny island that Sola and Inyat have eyes to go back and camp on overnight. There are also eight 2 week puppies to play with, yummy.

Alicia at Sola and Inayat's home with Bambi and her puppies

Alicia at Sola and Inayat's home with Bambi and her puppies

Serenity Beaches
I plan to return to Serenity Beaches by the end of the month where a Tongan falleTongan falle is being built for me. Patti and I look forward to putting our creative juices together to offer events, practises and programs to the guests.

Women’s New Moon Guide
The book of new moon ceremony is coming back from the printer and I am so excited. You can go to for how to order the book and companion CD. I know you have been hearing about this for months…aaah can’t Hurry the Goddess..

Big hugs and blessings to each one of you. I do hope that your lives are bringing great blessings and joy to you….