New Moon May 18, 2010

New Moon May 2010

Hawaii turtles and dolphins
I am so blessed to be giving myself a trip to Hawaii to celebrate my 60th birthday. The dolphin and turtle nations have been extraordinary here on big island. I am feasting on adventures at my favorite beaches and swimming holes. The turtle nation had me see them surfing in the waves.
Oh my…When they got turned upside down they just righted themselves and got on with life. a great metaphor for me…the dolphins, oh my I was blessed to have a few over the top swims with them. One I am still processing as a group of 6 dolphins broke off from the main pod of 50 or so and began to circle me. I was projecting to them an image of a gold double sided pyramid which i had seen in a meditation the night before. These 6 dolphins took that image and sent it back to me in many dimensions. They ended by putting the golden pyramids with a red beating heart inside of my heart chakra where it is vibrating and evolving inside of me. What a fabulous
birthday decade present.

Godesses of Hawaii
I am so lucky to be hanging out with a great group of women here. We are doing water blessings by the ocean, dancing wildly in the clubs at night, snorkeling with gusto at the beaches, celebrating the full moon on the beach with ceremony and song and eating heaps of papayas. I actually had the fun of smothering myself with avocado and baking in the hot sun. Then dashing for the ocean to feed the fishes with green bits of avo. My skin felt soooo smooth after that treatment. You might consider trying it…

Pele-volcano inspiration
The volcano is now sending liquid hot lava into the sea. I went to the Hilo side to experience her magic.
I was awe inspired to witness luminescent red glowing lava coming down the cliffs. Pele also spoke to me in the lava tube i sat in. In the past she has encouraged me to be strong and set boundaries and let go of what doesn’t work in my life. now she showed me her sensual, passionate side and is encouraging me to reveal that aspect of myself with Whitewolf. Oh yes he is back in California looking after his life and biz while i am here soaking up nurturing for my water soul. We have had some fabulous etheric moments and Pele is cheering us on. I am excited to return and share this new aspect of the Goddess.

New and Old Friends
Here on the island I am reuniting with folks I have circled with before…doing the dances of universal peace.
checking out communities to inspire whatever is next in my and Whitewolf’s life. We may explore the possibility of living here on the island. I found a sailing club in Kona and so many wonderful places that would be great to have a homebase….AAh it seems everywhere I go would be a great place to be home. hmmmm Met some wonderful folks camping esp another wonderful sister from the netherlands. We shared many fantastic meals and swims. I love the merfolks here and always learn something new about being in the water. This year I learned to swim sideways with the dolphins. Try it…

78th flying heart
My passion is still snorkeling ,giving out sparkly heart stickers and building flying heart art pieces.
Of course the 78th one I built in honor of my 6oth year. I also found the bathtub of my dreams at a friends.

so life is wonderful..blessings and love..alicia merlady


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